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Critical STEPS is a novel concept wherein we design courses covering the key aspects required for managing critically ill patients and catering to the needs of the attendees.


STEPS is an acronym for Simulation Training and Essential Procedural Skills.


We are organising different courses as part of the Critical STEPS

* 3-day RAPID STEPS Course (twice a year in Metros)

              Responding Appropriately to Patients In Deterioration with Simulation Training and Essential Procedural Skills

* 2-day Nursing STEPS Course (twice a year in Metros)

* 2-day Advanced STEPS Course (twice a year in Metros)

* 1-day Trache STEPS Course (twice a year in Metros)

* 1-day Mini-STEPS Course (twice a year in rural/regional centres)


These modern, unique and innovative courses will teach you concepts, methods and skills including critical care procedures with interactive group discussions, hands-on workshops and extensive Simulation sessions.


The RAPID STEPS course is targeted at junior doctors interested in a career in critical care areas such as Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Anaesthesia, Peri-Operative and Acute MedicineIt is also ideal for any interns, junior and senior Doctors-in-Training as well as senior trainees or clinicians who want to refresh their skills in managing critically ill patients.

The Advanced STEPS course is targeted at advanced trainees interested in Intensive Care Medicine, Anaesthesia, and Emergency Medicine


The Trache STEPS course is new concept providing a multi-disciplinary approach for Percutaneous Tracheostomy insertion and management. It is designed for Intensivists, ICU fellows, senior and junior ICU trainees, ICU nurses and anyone who is interested in learning or wanting to refresh their skills for Percutaneous Tracheostomy in Critically Ill patients. It is a one day course with practical skill sessions, interactive group workshops and immersive simulation.

The Nursing STEPS Course is a course tailor made for nurses in Critical Care (ICU, ED, Anaes & acute medicine) who want to learn new skills or refresh their knowledge in managing critically ill patients. This unique modern and innovative 2-day course comprises of interactive sessions, hands-on practical skills stations and hi-fi simulation with expert debriefing.

The Essential Advanced STEPS Course combines Advanced STEPS (Medical) and Nursing STEPS together. The Nurses and Doctors will be combined for multidisciplinary simulations and other interactive workshops.


The Critical STEPS concept has been developed by amalgamating and incorporating ideas from three successfully run courses –

- ABC of Critical Skills Workshop, Gold Coast - Convened by Dr Yogesh Apte

- ICE Course, Box Hill ICM course - Convened by Dr Max Moser

- RAPID Course, Frankston - Convened by Dr Ashwin Subramaniam.


2 CPD pts/hr

Lectures: 1 CPD pt/hr

Simulation: 3 CPD pts/hr



Nursing STEPS Workshop

World Congress of Intensive Care Melbourne

Fri 11 October 2019

Clinical Education and Simulation Centre

Epworth Hospital 
89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121

Trache STEPS Workshop

World Congress of Intensive Care Melbourne

Mon 14 October 2019

Clinical Education and Simulation Centre

Epworth Hospital 
89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121

Essential STEPS Coursee

Thu 28 - Fri 29 Nov 2019 

Clinical Education and Simulation Centre

Epworth Hospital 
89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121


Brisbane and Melbourne


Dr Yogesh Apte

Redcliffe & Caboolture Hospitals, QLD

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Dr Ashwin Subramaniam

Frankston & Epworth Hospitals, VIC

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Dr Max Moser

Box hill Hospital, VIC

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